Candidates Still Needed For Expiring Terms On Westfield Board Of Education

Deadline for Submission of Nominating Petition – July 28

Submitted by Westfield Public Schools 

The deadline for Westfield residents interested in considering a three-year term on the Board of Education is July 28, 2014, at the County Clerk office in Elizabeth. The three members whose terms are expiring on the Westfield Board of Education include Ann Cary, Rosanne Kurstedt and Mark Friedman. Ms. Cary and Ms. Kurstedt have announced that they will not seek another term on the Board.

 In the event that there are not a sufficient number of eligible candidates for the Board seats that are coming up in the next election, such a situation is governed by N.J.S.A. 18A:12-15.   This New Jersey statute provides that in the event of a "vacancy caused by the absence of candidates for election to the school board", any such vacancies in the membership of the Board "shall be filled by the County Superintendent."

To consider becoming a Board of Education member for the 2014-2017 term, candidates must file a petition in person in the Office of the County Clerk at 2 Broad St., Room 113, in Elizabeth on or before 4 PM on July 28, 2014.  The actual election will take place on Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  Nominating petition forms – which must be completed and submitted to the County Clerk -- are available at the Board of Education office, 302 Elm Street, Westfield. 

Questions regarding the election process can be referred to the Union County Election Supervisor, Lisa Hugelmeyer, at 908-527-4996.  Information is available at the County Clerk’s website at www.ucnj.org/ctyclerk.  Interested residents are encouraged to contact any member of the Westfield Board of Education or the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Margaret Dolan, for more information about service on the Board.

“Serving on the Westfield Board of Education is a significant and rewarding civic commitment,” stated Board President Rich Mattessich.  “We have the opportunity to impact the policies of our school district toward continued success of the students of our community,” he added.  


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