57 Perfect “800” Scores Achieved at Westfield High School

The scores are from May and June 2012.

With the latest SAT announcement received from Westfield High School, the total number of “800” scores for the 2011-2012 school year has reached 57.

The newest scores from May and June 2012 include:

May 2012

Michael Aronson                       Math 2

Edmund Han                            Math 2

Geoffrey Ko                               Writing

Adam Lupicki                            Math

Eric Oberman                           U.S. History

Michael Reilly                           Math


June 2012

Alexander Beals                        Math 2 and Molecular Biology

Riyad Carey                              Math 2

Andres Chang                           Math 2

David Cui                                 Math 2

Mark Gillespie                          Math 2 and Physics

Timothy Huber                          Molecular Biology

Zachary Jaffee                          Math 2

Alexandra Kapadia          Math 2

Adam Lupicki                            Math 2

Jeffrey Marino                          Math 2 and Physics

Eric Oberman                           Math 2

Benjamin Schwartz                   U.S. History

Austin Thien                             Physics

Yixue Wang                               Math 2

Jingyan Xiao                             Math 2

Alex Ying                                  Writing

Rebecca Zhang                         Math 2


Westfield High School Principal, Peter Renwick, personally commended each student for outstanding achievement, stating “It speaks volumes about your abilities and your commitment to education.”


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