Westfield Votes to Keep Sewer Fee Flat for Third Year

The council unanimously approved to keep the fee flat next year, but a public hearing will be held at the next meeting.

During the Tuesday evening council meeting, Westfield’s Town Council agreed to keep the current sewer fee flat for 2014.

In 2012, Westfield passed their first ever sewer bill. During that time, Mayor Andy Skibitsky suggested that Westfield does not have a spending problem, but rather a revenue problem.

At that time, Chair of the Finance Committee, Sam Della Fera, said instituting a sewer fee was a difficult decision, but a necessary one for the town to operate without reducing services.

In 2012, when the fee was instated, the fee for a single or multi-family home was $170 for the year. Owners of townhomes or condominiums would be billed $135 per unit. Industrial and commercial building owners pay $315 and owners of apartment buildings will be charged a fee of $100 per apartment. In 2013, the fee was also voted to stay flat.

Della Fera mentioned at that time that as early as 2013, the fees could change to be based on usage, but the council agreed on Monday to keep them flat, according to The Alternative Press. 

The Town of Westfield will receive a report on a sewer fee based on a consumption model in early 2014.

A public hearing regarding the fee will be hosted at the next public meeting before a final vote on the rate is taken.


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