PSE&G Trucks Spotted Near St. Helen's Church

Patch tries to answer some of readers' questions.

Days after Sandy hit Westfield, PSE&G is still estimating between 5,000 and 10,000 Westfield customers are without power. So it is no suprise that residents are on the lookout for crews working in the area. 

At approximately 5:45 p.m. the Town of Westfield said trucks were seen working in the area of St. Helen's Church.

While Mayor Andy Skibitsky said he has been in close contact with the utility, as 90 percent of Westfield's homes lost power as result of fallen trees and downed wires, he does not have a timeline for when power will be restored or which neighborhoods will be worked on first.

As temperatures drop and information is limited, residents told Patch they are eager to see crews on their streets.

"I can confirm our Town's tree removal crews are working to clear our roads and they have almost finished removing trees in roadways that are not impacted by wires," Fourth Ward Councilman Keith Loughlin wrote in an email when contacted by Patch. "However, they are not able to touch any tree that is impacted by a wire until PSEG gets (there) pursuant to state-wide policy. We have been in constant contact with PSEG and will continue to work with them to restore power to our town."

Loughlin encourages residents to follow the Town of Westfield's Twitter feed @TownOfWestfield for updates.

Westfield resident Gary McCready created an interactive map that allows users to add information about power outages, road closures, and dangerous conditions.

Westfield public schools have been closed all week as a result of the power outages. Westfield residents are wondering whether or not class will be in session on Monday.

Board of Education member Mitch Slater said currently only Wilson and Jefferson Elementary Schools have power. While it is hoped that schools can reopen Monday, Slater said it all depends on whether or not PSE&G "comes through." 

If power is restored, full-day sessions will be held Thursday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 9 .

While children are out of school, residents are reminded that every downed wire should be treated as a live wire and to exercise extreme caution.

Westfield Fire Chief Daniel Kelly reminded residents of the safety procedures to keep in mind when using fuel-powered equipment.

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dave November 02, 2012 at 12:29 AM
based on driving around today, I fear the diligent and responsive councilman was misinformed by DPW as to the extent of tree removal where wires are not at issue. I hope he is proven right by Friday. I hope the mayor has pressed for details as to which issues are delaying PSEG--substations? Higher priorities elsewhere? I hope the town or Patch wlll also reveal when gasoline deliveries are expected and why the library is apparently being told by the county to close at 6, when its light and heat are most helpful at night.
Mike November 02, 2012 at 02:38 AM
PSEG said they have an army of personnel - must be an army of one. In 4 days of walking around I have yet to see a truck in the Springfield ave broad street area. The same trees and wires are still down as on day one. Come on PSEG get on the ball god forbid we are ever late with a payment their world ends.


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