Town Council Starts New Year With Organization Meeting

Council members Frank Arena, JoAnn Neylan, James Foerst and Mark LoGrippo were sworn in.

The Town Council's organization meeting started off the new year with familiar faces on the dias.

The meeting, which began at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 2, saw Council members Frank Arena (First Ward), JoAnn Neylan (Second Ward), James Foerst (Fourth Ward) and Mark LoGrippo (Third Ward) take their oaths of office.

LoGrippo, who was appointed to a six-month term in July when Mark Ciarrocca became a judge, was elected for the first time in November, while the other Council members were re-elected.

In his State of the Town Address, Mayor Andy Skibitsky said he wanted to assure citizens that he will "stay the course" of fiscal restraint and sustainability. Saying he knows many seniors, as well as those who are unemployed and underemployed living in town, he will "continue to improve efficiencies to live within our means."

Mayor Skibitsky appointed JoAnn Neylan as Acting Mayor, with James Foerst as Alternate Acting Mayor.

Council Appointments:

Planning Board Liaison: James Foerst Board of Adjustment: Robert Burselm, Chris Masciale, Robert Whitehead Alt.#2

Special Improvement District Board: Dominick Verdic, Robert Centrella

Council Designee: Sam Della Fera

Mayor Designee: Shawn Hanna

Ex Officio: James Gildea

Mayor Proposes Employee Appointments:

Municipal Prosecuter: Anthony Prieto

Public Defender: Gavin Handwerker

Town Administrator: James Gildea

Municipal Judge: Brenda Coppola Cuba

Official Newspapers: The Westfield Leader, The Star Ledger

Mayor Proposes Board Appointments:

Board of Health: Thomas K. O'Neill, David Weinman, DDS, Ronen Gold, DMD Alt. #1, Gavin Handwerker, Alt. #2,

Council Liaison: Sam Della Fera

Recreation Commission: James Marvin-Chair, William Kelly, Mike Cash, Tom Ripperger

Council Liaison: Frank Arena

Historic Preservation Commission: Jennifer Czarnecki, Joseph Biren, David Hagen, Kevin Neylan, Alt. #1, Michael Fischer, Alt.#2,

Council Liaison: Vicki Kimmins

Board of Architectural Review: David Hagen

Tree Preservation Commission: Shari Cohen

Council Liaison: David Haas

Memorial Library Board: James J. Capone Jr.

Council Liaison: Mark LoGrippo

Communications Advisory Board: Todd Felter, Ed Savickas, Lilian Louie

Westfield Housing Commission: David Oliviera, ex-officio, Joseph Farella, ex-officio, Katherine Clifford, Ronald Bansky

Mayor Announces Mayoral Appointments:

Planning Board: Frank Smith,

Mayor's Designee: Robert Centrella

Kris McAloon, Class II

Community Dev. Revenue Sharing Committee: David Oliviera, Kris McAloon

Insurance Advisory Board: Oliver Kirna

Solid Waste Advisory Board: Vincent Spera

UC Transportation Advisory Board: John Morgan, Delegate, George Lanzano, Alternate

Air Traffic Advisory Board: Jerome Feder, Rosemary Millet

Chamber of Commerce Liaison: Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan

Union County League of Municipalities: Mayor Andrew Skibitsky

Board of Education Liaison: Councilman Sam Della Fera

2nd Senior Citizens Housing Corporation Liaison: Mayor Andrew Skibitsky

Municipal Allicance/PANDA Liaison: Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan

Finance Policy Committee: Sam Della Fera, Chairman, Mark LoGrippo, Vice-Chairman, JoAnn Neylan, David Haas

Public Safety, Transportation and Parking Committee: JoAnn Neylan, Chairman, Keith Loughlin, Vice-Chairman, Jim Foerst, Mark LoGrippo

Code Review and Town Property Committee: Jim Foerst, Chairman, Vicki Kimmins, Vice-Chairman, Frank Arena, Sam Della Fera

Public Works Committee: Frank Arena, Chairman, David Haas, Vice- Chairman, Vicki Kimmins, Keith Loughlin


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