Mayor Stops Answers to Traffic Light Questions

Council members remain silent during questioning Tuesday night.

After months of public questions regarding the new pedestrian activated traffic light on Central Avenue, said they will not be answering questions anymore.

Maria Carluccio and Greg Kasko, who have been advocating against the light which was placed on a residential lawn for months, came before the Council Tuesday evening to continue their crusade against the light. In past weeks, Carluccio had ended up in verbal give and takes with Council members, including questioning Mayor Andy Skibitsky two weeks ago over whether he thought

Skibitsky kept his comments about the light short on Tuesday.

"We have said it all already," he said.

Carluccio kept her questions along the same theme of asking why the light was placed on the front lawn of her neighbor, Adina Enclescu, and not in the original spot at the intersection of Central and Clover. The light was installed as part of the Central Avenue renovation project in order to facilitate student crossing towards Jefferson School. Carluccio and Enclescu have said the light will cause danger to Enclescu in leaving her driveway and possibly cause cars to crash into her house, thinking her driveway is a through street.

Enclescu was not present at the meeting, having broken her leg earlier in the day. Carluccio asked the town to pray for her recovery.

Carluccio reiterated that at a Council meeting two weeks ago, Councilmembers Vicki Kimmins and Dave Haas had suggested bringing the town's traffic safety consultant in to answer resident questions on the light's placement, an idea Skibitsky quickly quashed. Skibitsky said the town's current fiscal situation did not afford the funds to bring the consultant, Gordon Meth, into a meeting to talk to residents.

Carluccio suggested that Skibitsky and Council members have put their political futures ahead of public safety with regards to the traffic light.

During a prior meeting, Skibitsky said residents had a chance to questions Meth at a town hall meeting several years ago. Carluccio and Enclescu said they were never given notice of the meeting for residents. Councilman Mark Ciarrocca has said that his two sons distributed notices about the meeting to residents.

Kasko, a former police officer aligned with Carluccio and Enclescu, proposed his own budget cutting solution. Kasko, who has been at odds with Skibitsky and the police administration, accused the police department of using vehicles for private travel, including a BMW which Kasko said was purchased for undercover assignments.

Skibitsky and Council members did not answer any of Kasko's allegations, continuing a pattern that has followed most of Kasko's questions to the Council. 

South Westfielder May 04, 2011 at 05:56 PM
Thank goodness, Mayor! The same questions were asked over and over. Answers given over and over. Week after week, the same thing. The only response that would ever be acceptable to those who are against the light's location is a change in location - nothing else.
francis May 04, 2011 at 07:10 PM
Obvious that Kasko's only issue is to torment the town council. About time this was stopped.


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