Letter: Assembly Members Thank Lance for Leadership

Assemblyman Alison Littell McHose and Assemblyman Gary Chiusano express gratitude for Lance's "tireless efforts" to protect personal freedom.

As co-signers of the legislative amicus brief to oppose ObamaCare we want to thank Congressman Leonard Lance for his tireless efforts in fighting this huge expansion of government power. The threat to personal freedom that ObamaCare imposes by requiring citizens to purchase a product cannot be underestimated. 

Once it enshrined in law and precedent, government will be able to – and it will – require us to purchase any number of products or services because some bureaucrat determines that it is in our “best interest” to do so. We believe that we, as free people, best determine what is in our own interest. We stand with Congressman Lance and Senator Joe Kyrillos, the prime legislator to sign the amicus brief, in support of liberty and in opposition to this paternalistic and authoritarian view of government-knows-best.

Here in New Jersey, another threat looms in the form of S1566 – legislation that does nothing to prevent families losing their homes and then, once they are kicked out on the street, it takes their homes and turns them over to ACORN-type activist groups to be doled out to their “clients.” To fund this it proposes to use hundreds of millions of tax dollars through borrowing without voter approval.

Congressman Leonard Lance has long been the champion of taxpayers in this regard. When he was a member of the Legislature, it was Lance’s legislation that banned borrowing without voter approval. We believe S1566 violates both the letter and spirit of Congressman Lance’s successful legislation.

As in the case of the fight against ObamaCare, Americans for Prosperity – led by Steve Lonegan – is leading the fight against S1566. All taxpayers should join with Congressman Lance and Steve Lonegan in their opposition to this unfettered growth in government, in spending, and in debt.


Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose

Assemblyman Gary Chiusano  

115 Demarest Road, Suite 3

Sparta, NJ  07871

Moeskido May 04, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Speaking of activists... None of these individuals congratulating each other are championing anyone but themselves. Americans for Prosperity is a PAC funded by powerful billionaires who'd rather not pay their share of supporting the republic that protects them, while enjoying its very profitable benefits. ACORN was an organization that registered poor people to vote, which is why it was smeared and attacked. And Mr. Lance is a functionary who generally votes his party line. I'm willing to bet that neither he nor the signees of this letter have proposed any legitimate alternatives to what they call "Obamacare," nor have any of them created very many of the jobs that their majority promised to create. Residents of Westfield who wonder why there's less money in the state budget for their kids' public education might consider not voting for candidates who preach "austerity," but only define it as regarding government services we've already paid for. These assemblypersons seem happy to cut spending on the middle class, but are all too happy to spread largesse whenever a corporate campaign partner calls.


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