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Councilman Haas Plays Musical Chairs

Ciarrocca judgeship moves Haas to senior side of the dais.

Hopefully doesn't have anything else to whisper to Councilmembers and during Council meetings.

of to become a , has elevated Haas from junior councilman in the third ward to senior councilman. The elevation gave Haas the right to play musical chairs on the Council dais, moving from the right - or junior - side to the left - or senior side.

The junior and senior titles are purely based on seniority and are ceremonial. They do not convey any additional powers on a Council member.

Councilman Mark LoGrippo - who for a six-month term - took Haas' place on the junior side of the dais.

Haas has long held the junior seat on the dais. During his one-year term in 2003, Haas was junior to , who held the other third ward Council seat prior to becoming mayor. Haas was defeated in the 2003 election by Ciarrocca.

Haas staged a come back in 2005, defeating Republican Councilwoman Darielle Walsh - who took Skibitsky's Council seat after Skibitsky succeeded former Mayor Greg McDermott. Since rejoining the Council in 2006, Haas has been on the junior side.

During the last six years, Haas has been sandwiched between Kimmins from the second ward and the fourth ward's for four years and Loughlin for the last two. On the senior side of the dais, Haas is sitting between Second Ward Councilwoman Joann Neylan and Fourth Ward Councilman Jim Foerst.

in the 2009 election.

Haas will likely sit next to Neylan for the remaining two years of his term, as Neylan is this year. He could be rejoined by Loughlin, if Foerst is unseated in his reelection bid by Democrat Greg Romer.

Haas used his first meeting in July on his new side of the dais to make a major policy shift, the controversial Central Avenue stoplight from its current position on Adina Enculescu's front lawn to the cover of Central and Clover, a 150 feet away.


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