Clark Write-In Votes: Springsteen, Colbert, Optimus Prime

Dream big, voters, dream big.

When it comes to off-the-ballot candidates Clark residents wrote in during Tuesday's election, there were plenty of off-the-wall names.

Someone who wasn't satisfied with either Romney or Obama for prez, cast his or her vote for Optimus Prime. The Marvel comics Transformer would undoubtedly make a strong commander-in-chief - Wikipedia even describes him as "a compassionate leader who puts his talent to use improving the universe around him...with a strong sense of justice and righteousness."

Gov. Chris Christie got a vote for president, too – that choice may be a mere four years premature.

How about Bruce Springsteen for Senator? Baby, he was born to run.

And I'm sure Superintendent Ken Knops would love to hear Stephen Colbert's ideas for the Clark Board of Ed.

God bless the right to vote...for anyone! Here, a full list of this year's Clark write-ins. (We hope to have Garwood write-ins soon.)

Ron Paul (3 votes)
Chris Christie
Optimus Prime
Concetta Sinoradzki

Bruce Springsteen

Board of Education
Jennifer Dubroski
Lou Scafidi
Gerard Geraci
Lorna Runkle
Robert Runkle
Joseph Runkle
Maria Falzone
Stephen Colbert

Thoughts on these? Who would you write-in? Tell us in the comments.


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