Bramnick: The Shore is More Than Snooki

Assemblyman announces Jersey Shore video contest.

Snooki and JWoww could be replaced as the stars of the Jersey Shore, under a plan unveiled Thursday by a Westfield assemblyman.

Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (R-Westfield) announced a video contest showcasing the "real Jersey Shore," in an attempt to change thoughts on the MTV reality show. Challenging residents to develop 30-second videos about what they like about the Shore, Bramnick will give awards out during a film festival of his Shore clips.

"I consider it a bar fight," Bramnick said of the reality show. "I don't think the Jersey Shore is one big bar fight."

Bramnick admits to watching between five to 10 minutes of antics of Snooki and friends as they summer in Seaside. A close ally of Gov. Chris Christie, Bramnick said he agrees with the governor that the show, which debuted for a second season this week, is not helping the state's image. Bramnick did say he did not think it mattered that most of the cast came from New York, which Christie brought up on Sunday during an interview on ABC's This Week.

"The truth of the matter is whether they are from New York, New Jersey or Oklahoma, a bar fight is not the Jersey Shore," he said. "I grew up going to the Shore and there are boardwalks and all kinds of entertainment."

Bramnick, the number two Republican in the Assembly, said he has no problem with people watching the show or the popularity the show has gained nationwide. He did say that he wants to be able to put a new face forward for the shore.

"I assume people want to watch it," Bramnick said. "There is cage wrestling too and that is not 'War & Peace.' There are all kinds of things on TV. Why not have the real Jersey Shore too?"

Bramnick is asking residents to send 30-second videos to asmbramnick@njleg.org showing their favorite Shore moments. He will have a panel of shore based legislators judge the best and plans to host an event to showcase the clips. He said he is still in the process of putting the showcase together.

Bramnick said he realizes that the drunken antics of the Jersey Shore cast is part of Shore culture in the summer, but he stressed it is a part of the shore, not the entire thing.

"Let's assume you did Summit or Westfield you could find some problems," Bramnick said. "If you shot the Jersey Turnpike and all you did was Friday afternoon at a toll booth, all you'd see is traffic."

Bramnick said he did have a message for Snooki and her fellow cast mates.

"I think they better limit their alcohol intake or need anger counseling," he said with a laugh.

Bramnick, who moonlights as a stand-up comedian and has been voted the funniest lawyer in the state, said he is taking this all in good fun. He said he just wants to showcase that the Shore is more than Snooki.

"I am having fun showing the alternative," he said. "I have no animosity to the entertainment business."


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