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2013 Westfield Recycling Schedule

The following information is provided by the Town of Westfield


Recycling must be at curbside by 6:00 a.m. on your recycling dates, or they will not be collected until your next scheduled pickup day.  To avoid a missed pick-up, residents are urged to place their recycling at the curb (no earlier than 6 p.m.) the evening before the pickup date.

If your recycling was not picked up, you must call Giordano Company, Inc. within 24 HOURS of your collection day at 1-888-738-7348.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, please contact your Building Superintendent or Manager to find out whether to set your recycling curbside or take them to a central storage area.

Recycling pick up will be done by WARD.  You may find your Ward location from the map below and then locate your pick up dates from the schedule printed.  If you are unsure which Ward you reside in, please contact the Department of Public Works at 908-789-4100 ext. 4600.



2013 Collection Schedule

 Month Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3

Ward 4

January 7,21 8,22 9,23 10,24 February 4,18 5,19 6,20 7,21 March 4,18 5,19 6,20 7,21 April 1,15,29 2,16,30 3,17 4,18 May 13,27* 14,28 1,15,29 4,18 June 10,24 11,25 12,26 13,27 July 8,22 9,23 10,24 11,25 August 5,19 6,20 7,21 8,22 September 2*,16,30 3,17 4,18 5,19 October 14,28 1,15,29 2,16,30 3,17,31 November 11,25 12,26 13,27 14,28* December 9,23 10,24 11,25* 12,26

May 27th is a holiday. The pickup for Ward 1 will be on Friday, May 31st
September 2nd is a holiday. The pickup for Ward 1 will be on Friday, September 6th
November 28th is a holiday. The pickup for Ward 1 will be on Friday, Novembrer 29th
December 25th is a holiday. The pickup for Ward 3 will be on Friday, December 27th


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