Woman Robbed at Gunpoint in Avenel Hotel Parking Lot

The victim was sitting in her car when a robber opened the car door and flashed a gun in her face.

A female driver sitting in her automobile Monday night got the shock of her life when an armed bandit opened the car door, shoved a gun in her face, and demanded her valuables.

Woodbridge Police said that the woman was parked in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn on Route 1 South in the Avenel section of Woodbridge around 8:54 pm on November 12.

A man yanked open her car door and brandished what was described as "a shiny handgun" in her face while demanding, "Where's the money?"

The victim's response apparently wasn't quick enough for the crook. He quickly searched her pockets, then spying her cell phone and purse on the seat next to her, grabbed those articles and handed them over to an accomplice nearby.

According to police, both suspects then fled the scene.

The woman wasn't injured in the robbery. There was no description of how much money or valuables were stolen.

The suspect with the handgun is described by police as a dark-skinned black male, sporting a white hard hat with possibly a black bandana worn under the hat. He had on a dark colored jacket. The suspect is described as being in his mid-30s, about 6 ft. in height with a stocky build.

The accomplice was described as a light-skinned black male with shoulder-length dreadlocks. He is about 6 ft. tall with a thin build, and in his mid-20s. He was wearing a white shirt with a dark colored jacket.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call Det. Dave Davis at 732-602-7320.

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Gordo K November 15, 2012 at 05:24 AM
As Gomer Pyle would've said, "Surprise, surprise".
Marina February 02, 2013 at 01:10 PM
Woodbridge.....the new Newark south


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