Patchcast: Summit Plans Installation of Downtown Cameras

A look at news from around Union County.

A plan by Summit officials to install surveillance cameras in the downtown was unveiled Wednesday evening, topping local news from around the region. Scotch Plains Mayor Nancy Malool announced that the Port Authority will donate steel from the World Trade Center for a planned memorial, Westfield Board of Education members bid farewell to two colleagues and high school students in Springfield went silent to combat bullying.

Check out the latest in news from around Union County.

Q April 26, 2011 at 03:55 AM
It is difficult for someone who is not in law enforcement to imagine the motivation to write traffic tickets, be it some quota, written or unwritten, just as it is difficult to imagine the drudgery of this type of work, reports, defusing domestic disputes, dealing with the intoxicated, etc. Quotas produce robot like cops, programmed to write traffic tickets as if this was their only duty. Cameras are no substitute for police work, be it investigatory or patrolling the streets. Cameras create a false sense of security, cost a fortune, and make people feel paranoid, not more secure. Who is watching the cameras? Will there be one officer who just watches the cameras, is the video recorded, is facial recognition being used, why not ion scanners in the promenade to sniff pedestrians pockets for drugs? Free officers from the quota system and reward them for preventing crime. Tell the council that you don't want any cameras, that the police have enough expensive toys, and that they are to do their jobs, to protect and serve the people of Summit, and they are to do this without any more overtime.
lisa becker April 28, 2011 at 05:16 AM
The police in Summit should be applauded. Nothing in life is seamless... Have you not made mistakes? We are all human.. Anything to help build stronger security , whether it be domestic threats, local crime, domestic violence...having our streets safer is a step in the right direction! Thank G/d we do have people who care in our community. Starting with Mayor Glatt....emulating to all the diligent town workers!! Thank you fir making SUMMIT STRONG. In honor of Abellino...we salute SUMMIT!!! www.lisalivessummit.com
sp1991 April 28, 2011 at 01:30 PM
Q, Let me set the record straight concerning one thing, "Quotas" are illegal in the state of NJ and have been for a number of years 40A:14-181.1 164 2/1/01 Defines “citation” and “quota” for purposes of the statute banning ticket quotas. 40A:14-181.2 164 2/1/01 Prohibits State, county and municipal police departments or forces from establishing ticket quotas for motor vehicle violations.
Ihor Lukiw April 28, 2011 at 04:22 PM
Let me set the record straight concerning one thing, "CRIME" is illegal in the state of NJ and has been for a number of years. Quotos or no quotas, if you are breaking the law, you should be accountable. Innocent people are not picked at random and penalized because of quotas. Any tool used by law enforcement that prevents crime is fine with me.


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