Going Once, Going Twice, Sold

Police bike auction draws crowd

The two police officers received the attention of the crowd, who hung on their every word and command. Speaking to be overheard by the group, the two officers were trying to bring order and have the group behave in a fashion which would facilitate the proceedings and allow business to be transacted in the Memorial Pool parking lot.

A riot had not broken out, nor had parents started to rumble from the nearby swim meet. The police department's annual bicycle auction was in full swing Saturday morning, with two officers serving as auctioneers, selling bikes for between $10 and $250 to a crowd of approximately 40 residents.

Every year the police conducts an annual auction of lost and stolen bikes which were not claimed by original owners. Bikes, which had not been claimed by last Thursday, were put up on the auction block starting at 10:30 a.m., following a 30-minute inspection period.

Police Lt. Nick Norton and Detective Lisa Perrotta conducted individual auctions on each bicycle in the department's portfolio. Some bikes brought about spirited bidding with attendees waiting on edge as two bidders continued to raise prices past the $100 mark. Other bikes went quickly with only one bid, maybe a handful by the end of the bidding period.

Residents were happy with the bikes they were able to walk away with.

"I think it's a good event," Alan Milstein said. "It's a fun thing for the kids and they get to understand how lost and stolen bikes go back into the town."


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