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NJ Residents for Action Against Gun Violence Say NJ2AS Members Sought to 'Embarrass' Them

Group says efforts to sabotage their work only strengthens their resolve.

NJ Residents For Action Against Gun Violence would like to clarify for the public any confusion surrounding the gun advocate group which showed up at our peaceful protest at Leonard Lance’s office. We have learned that this group  is represented by NJ2AS --  New Jersey Second Amendment Rights Association based out of Manahwkin, NJ, a town that is not in our district and has nothing to do with our district. We have also learned that they purposely staked out our protest ahead of time for the sole purpose of trying to sabotage us and in their words according to their website  “embarrass” us.

We were there to represent the public sentiment of the 7th district for our demand for sensible gun legislation on a federal level for the public safety of all of us in NJ. We also presented Leonard Lance with a petition of almost 5,000 signatures of 7th District constituents supporting these efforts.

Clearly they had other ulterior motives other than asserting their 1st amendment rights as they claimed. This group posted our protest on their website ahead of time, and asked members to basically crash our demonstration in order to try and “embarrass” our group.  In fact, they are going to do this same thing on Friday in Mt. Laurel.

According to their website today they are asking members to sabotage a visit that is planned to Jon Runyon’s office on Friday by those in his district supporting the President’s plan to reduce gun violence. This was taken directly from their website today “The point of course is to embarrass President Obama's gun violence prevention if we can.”

At our event they were heckling and shouting chants such as “Sheep are weak" (whatever that means) and even stooped so low as to say to one of our woman members, “I hope you get raped in the street and have no way to protect yourself.” 

Clearly this group does NOT represent this district and is not based in our district. Any shred of credibility this organization may be  trying to pawn off is obliterated by their appalling behavior and desperate attempts to sabotage such legitimate efforts as ours. They could choose to have their own demonstration in their own district but instead that have to desperately resort to sneaky tactics that  just serve to make them look small and ineffective.  

What NJ2AS fails to realize is that using such tactics to try and sabotage our community efforts only serves to further galvanize us towards our continued goal of petitioning Leonard Lance for common sense federal gun legislation for our number one objective—public safety. 

--NJ Resident for Action

Tim SiLVa May 12, 2013 at 07:33 AM
I hear you Frank, and totally agree.I'm actually in the process of getting my FID and pistol permit, which of course I've been waiting for since January.and I have heard that disgusting recording of these so called politicians regarding confiscation. They clearly have an agenda and refuse to understand the words "shall not be infringed".
Devilsfan May 13, 2013 at 03:45 PM
And to Karen and to the rest of your left wing buddies...and you on the left say they is no tyrrany...look at what Obama's IRS was doing...This is why the 2nd Amendment is a right and law!!


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