Help Your Fellow Westfield Patch Readers by Offering Some Advice

Answer a question, ask a question.

At Patch we're all about sharing information. If you have a question, we want to help you get an answer. Likewise, if we have a question, we know you'll come to our rescue.

Recently Patch readers have asked a couple of questions that might be better answered by the Westfield community at large. If you can answer the following queries with suggestions or advice, please do so in the comments section.

Conversely, whether you're new in town or have been here for ages but are wondering about that ...(fill in the blank), ask away and we'll see if we can get you an answer. 

So here goes: 

A blind date can be challenging enough even with the perfect venue. A reader recently asked, "Where's the perfect spot in Westfield to meet for a blind date?" 

Another reader wants to know which local restaurant/caterer offers the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner to go?

So, Westfield, have at it, and thanks for your help!


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