Monsters, Vampires and Fun for the Whole Family

"Creature Double Feature : Frankenstein - Dracula" opens at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

Patch had the opportunity to attend a dress rehearsal for "Creature Double Feature : Frankenstein - Dracula" Thursday evening.

If you are looking for new spooky Halloween fun, Hedgehog & Feather Theatre Co. presents a holiday event in Westfield this weekend starring many talented, young local actors.

"Creature Double Feature: Frankenstein - Dracula" is an A+ production featuring, spooky effects, lighting and music that presents the “true story” of Frankenstein, Dracula and how both legends evolved. This is the Halloween event the whole family can enjoy. Told back to back at last, the two stories of Frankenstein’s Monster and the first vampire, Dracula have been scaring people as plays, books and movies for 200 years.

More than 50 local children of all ages are participating as cast and crew of this thrilling production.

“Frankenstein” is the tale of a mad scientist named Dr. Victor Frankenstein who puts together a creature by parts he took from the cemetery. He’s really not bad—just misunderstood. He’s too scary looking to make friends and ends up causing terrible trouble.

“Dracula” on the other hand is the tale of a very unpleasant vampire who has been "alive" for centuries, although by all accounts, he is dead. Count Dracula survives by biting people on the neck and drinking their blood. A mysterious Professor Van Helsing steps in to save the day and stop Dracula from his evil deeds.

Performances will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, October 19, Saturday, October 20, Friday, October 26, Saturday, October 27 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 414 E. Broad Street, Westfield. All tickets are $15. Doors open at 7 p.m. Hedgehog and Feather invites attendees to come early for some spooky fun.

For more information and to purchase tickets online please visit hedgehogandfeather.org, or e-mail info@hedgehogandfeather.org

"Creature Double Feature : Frankenstein - Dracula" is being produced by Sarah Hedgepeth and Julie Fetter, directed by Ty Jacobs, sets and props by Julie Fetter, Costumes by Alisa Korunow, and Technical Stage Manager Mary Kate Miller.

CAST (in alphabetical order):

Yustina Alexander-Himlan (Fanwood) as a Villager in "Frankenstein" and Mina Harker in "Dracula."

Marlo Avido (Westfield) as Inspector Kent in "Frankenstein" and The Maid in "Dracula"

Kacey Brennan (Westfield) as Professor Waldman in "Frankenstein" and a Bride of "Dracula"

Katie Ceraso (Westfield) as Elizabeth in "Frankenstein" and a Bride of "Dracula"

Lily Ceraso (Westfield) as The Little Girl in "Frankenstein" and a Villager in "Dracula"

Elizabeth Cotter (Mountainside) as Igor in "Frankenstein" and a Villager in "Dracula"

Joe Ensslin (Westfield) as a Villager in "Frankenstein" and Professor Van Helsing in "Dracula"

Julia Guarneri (Fanwood) as a Villager in "Frankenstein" and Lucy Seward in "Dracula"

Nicolas Guerriero (Westfield) as Henry Clerval in "Frankenstein" and The Innkeeper in "Dracula"

Andrew Kapadia (Westfield) as The Pastor in "Frankenstein" and a Villager in "Dracula"

Max Kleiman (Westfield) as the Graveyard Caretaker

Marcelina Krowinska (Westfield) as Frau Burgomeister in "Frankenstein" and a Bride of "Dracula"

Sarah Kudron (Cranford) as a Villager in "Frankenstein" and The Innkeeper's Wife in "Dracula"

Tony Peer (Westfield) as Frankenstein's Monster in "Frankenstein" and Jonathan Harker in "Dracula"

Matt Ryan (Berkeley Heights) as Dr. Victor Frankenstein in "Frankenstein" and Renfield in "Dracula"

Jonathan Samanski (Westfield) as The Little Girl's Father in "Frankenstein" and Dr. Seward in "Dracula"

Evan Schachter (Springfield) as The Blind Woodsman in "Frankenstein" and Count Dracula in "Dracula"

Julie Singer (Westfield) as a Villager in "Frankenstein" and a Villager in "Dracula"

Lauren Singer (Westfield) as The Little Girl's Mother in "Frankenstein" and a Villager in "Dracula"

Carl Peer October 20, 2012 at 11:42 AM
From the moment I stepped on the first riser up the hill toward the theater the adventure began. Everything about the show was superb. The acting, the audio, the set were all first rate community theater. This fine troupe of young actors captured the emotional essence of Frankenstein and Dracula. The tired Friday night audience (except for one person weirdly laughing at an inappropriate time) were stunned into silence. The case, crew, director (Ty) and producer (Julie and Sara) deserve a rousing round of applause. Bravo
Francesca Russo-Sabino October 23, 2012 at 12:49 PM
BREAK A LEG! :) You guys always do a FANTASTIC job! Celina has VERY fond memories of H&F ♥


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