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Stunning Huge Thanksgiving Cactus - Mountainside - $90 (Mountainside)

This is my baby. I have grown this plant from one leaf about 6 years ago. It is fabulous all year round but especially when it blooms. If you know anything about this plant you can get it to bloom all the time based on temp ( cool and dark ) but like indirect light for the most part. If you leave it in a nice place it will eventually get comfy and then just start blooming like it should. I love this plant and would like to see someone who also cares deeply for plants to purchase it.

This plant weighs about 100 lbs so please don't expect me to lift it into your little car. Actually don't expect me to lift it at all, and if you do want it, come get it, bring the hulk and have a nice spot for it when you get home as well as a dolly to get it there. I am serious... I have a bad back and cannot be doing this for you. I am moving to Florida and I do not want to bring it with me. I have already started a small brother plant in its place.

Serious inquiries only. A plant like this would fetch a great deal of money at a nursery so all I am asking is for 90 dollars ( firm ) This won't even cover the years of repotting and soil/nourishment I have provided.

Thanks for looking.
Contact - Stephen


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