San Marzano Adds Free Delivery to Menu

South Avenue eatery offers Roman-style pizza.

Known for its authentic pastas and Roman-style pizza, or pizza al taglio, San Marzano is adding something new to its menu starting Monday, Dec. 10: free delivery.

San Marzano hails its pizzas as "slow fast food." It's all about the dough. The dough is nurtured lovingly by chef Joseph Petracca, for a minimum of 72 long, laborious hours before baking. It's kept at specially controlled temperatures, and is turned and folded at regular intervals as it bubbles and billows over the 72-hour wait prior to baking. And should one of these specially controlled conditions vary in the slightest, the whole thing could all go out the window. 

First impressions might not blow you away. It looks like a fairly standard takeaway place. There are a few tables for eating in, but there's a definite sense that San Marzano is attempting to bring to Westfield, the Roman concept of pizza al taglio as a light snack on the go. 

There's a large variety of flavors which change daily, and are intended to change to match the seasons. They're sitting out on display, to be heated up once you order. They don't look particularly outstanding at first glance, but that's often the way with pizza and pasta in Italy from my experience - the proof is in the taste. There is also the possibility to order an entire pie with choices that range from your classic Margherita, Porcini, Quattro Formaggi and the popular Bufala.

The distinguishing feature it comes in traditional Roman style (slightly thicker than the thin Neopolitan style and much thinner than the big hefty focaccia-like numbers you may find elsewhere). And they do it pretty much perfectly - crunchy but chewy in all the right ways, and cooked evenly all the way through, it's filling without being overly doughey, floppy or oily.

A trained chef, Petracca got the dough down to such a fine art because he traipsed around Italy until he found the perfect pizza base in a small neighborhood place, then spent a month training in Rome in the kitchen of its maker. He has replicated the routine, preparation and ingredients precisely.

Like San Marzano Pasta Bar on Facebook and print out a coupon for 15 percent off any order. Westfield residents will also receive a coupon in the mail offering 25 percent off any one item. Catering menus are also available for holiday parties. Pick one up at the restaurant at 339 South Avenue West.

Rationally Speaking December 05, 2012 at 11:33 AM
Not hype.....the place is by far the best in 07090......I know because I live just up the block and can't keep away......my belt is proof!
Rusty Cut December 06, 2012 at 02:29 AM
I have to say, this picture looks absolutely delicious. Going to have to try their pizza - have only had their pasta.
Westfield Mom December 07, 2012 at 03:49 AM
Great pizza and pasta! Love it there!


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