Grädde Swedish Restaurant Hosts Ribbon Cutting This Saturday

The restaurant is one of Westfield's latest additions in dining.

The interior of Grädde. Credit: Margaret Lager
The interior of Grädde. Credit: Margaret Lager

One of Westfield's newest dining options, Grädde, will host a ribbon cutting on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

The restaurant is located at 13 Elm Street in the former location of Gabi’s Sushi & Noodles.

Grädde features traditional Swedish food prepared by Margaret Lager, co-owner of the establishment. Lager is originally from Sweden, but has traveled across the world.

Lager and her husband arrived in Westfield from Sweden just months ago.

Check back with Patch for a full story on the business next week.

Here's a look at Grädde's menu, which will be expanded with more offerings soon.



Toast Skagen, North Atlantic pink shrimp toast served with crème fraîche potatoes        15

Toast Skagen med dill & citron serveras med crème fraîche potatis

Smoked Lox platter with lemon, dill & capers served with dillcrème potatoes        14

Röktlax tallrik med citron, dill & kapris serveras med dillcrème potatis

Herring platter with egg & chives served with swedish sour cream potatoes        13

Löksills tallrik med ägg & gräslök serveras med gräddfils potatis

Swedish Gourmé Meatball sampler with crème fraîche potatoes        13

Svensk Gourmé köttbull´s tallrik med crème fraîche potatis


Greta Garbo´s Chicken & Carrot soup with parsley        12

Greta Garbo´s Kyckling & Morotsoppa med persilja

Alfred Nobel´s Beetroot & Bean soup with crème fraîche        11

Alfred Nobel´s Rödbets & Bönsoppa med crème fraîche

Main Course

Karl-Johan Chicken & Mushroom in a cream white wine sauce served with dumplings        29

Karl-Johan Kyckling & Svamp i gräddvitvinsås serveras med dumplingar

King Carl XVI Gustav Beef Roulade Pancetta served with swedish style pan fried potatoes        33

Kung Carl XVI Gustav Biff Rullader Pancetta serveras med klassisk svensk stekt potatis

Ingrid Bergman Pork tenderloin & Scandinavian herbs with creamy swedish potato gratin        31

Ingrid Bergman Fläskfile & Skandinaviska örter serveras med krämig svensk potatisgratäng

Swedish Gourmé Meatballs with lingonberry & pickle served with swedish style pan fried potatoes    28

Svenska Gourmé Köttbullar med lingon & gurka serveras med svensk stil stekt potatis


Napoleon Pastry / Tusen blad Napoleonbakelse             7

Bellman´s Honey Cake / Bellman´s Honung Tårta          6

Beverages (Please let us know if you Brought Your Own Bottle that needs to be opened or chilled)

Pellegrino Sparkling Water (8.5 fl oz bottle)          2

Regular Bottled Still Water (17 fl oz bottle)          1

Coca-Cola Classic or Diet (8 fl oz bottle)          2

Sprite Classic or Diet (8 fl oz bottle)          2

Ice Cold Glass of Milk          2

Swedish Coffee, Gevalia founded 1853, regular or decaf          4

Tea Twinings English Breakfast          3


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