Map: Where are the Potholes?

See this interactive map where people post reports on potholes in your area. Help us fill it.

No doubt, this weather is wreaking havoc on the roads. 

Potholes are born when water that seeps through cracks in the asphalt gets underneath the paved surface and freezes, expanding and weakening the asphalt. The more the cycle of freeze-melt-freezes  continues, the more potholes we get. 

You can help your hard-working road and highway crews by alerting them to potholes so they can put them on the list for patch and repair. 

Online web tool See Click Fix allows locals to submit, and even plot on a map, local problems to an online portal that local highway departments and other services monitor closely.

We've embedded this map of Union County to show you reports on potholes in your area. You can move it around in your browser to see your most-traveled routes. 

To log your pothole issue, hit "Report an Issue" on the map above. Include and address and problem description, and hit "Submit." Follow the same steps to report multiple pothole locations.

Let's see how many we can log.
The Cynic February 12, 2014 at 04:17 PM
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