Westfield most dynamic and profitable networking group!

Thursday morning. 7:00 a.m. You're sitting at a table, flanked by people. You reach for your eggs, smile at a stranger, and idly wonder why everyone seems so happy.

Someone rings a bell, and a charismatic speaker introduces herself. One by one, people stand, and you learn what they do. There are lawyers. People good at money. Others that know real estate. Marketing. Printing, Basements, Wellness, Video. There are insurance folks, photographers, and people that make things work. The mood is light, and the "commercials" go quickly. You circle the names of a few folks you'll linger to meet.

Now it's your turn to speak. Someone laughs at your joke, and it puts you at ease. This is fun, you think. I like this.

Suddenly, you realize what this weekly meeting is about. It's more than a bunch of disparate professions networking in Westfield. It's a fortified sales force. A deep community of resources, partnerships...and friends.

And that's how BNI works.

The power of BNI is astounding. Unlike many area networking events, there's only one member per "seat" or profession. Unlike much business networking, we train each other to sell for us—consistently, and powerfully. After all, our fellow members know people you don't. People you will never meet. You get referrals, they lead to sales, and all of it (beyond our modest dues) is free.

The only "cost"? You do what you can for everyone else, too.

With playfulness balanced by strong leadership, the famous "Select Business Source" takes BNI to another level. We're big, we're effective, and we're fun (our energy is legendary!). We screen our members for strength, integrity, and fit. And it pays: last year, wesurpassed $2.0M in referral business.

This year, we're looking to surpass this number. Don't you want to be a part of the action?

Call today to set up a visit 908-247-7915

Or eMail Dan at weinigerontheweb@aol.com


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