Important Information about the General Election:

If the Electronic Voting Booths have been proven not only inaccurate, but corrupt, why are they still in use?


Because they do what they're told.


See the complaint filed in the United States Sentate BEFORE the Special Senate Election even took place, because our own Superior Court in NJ, after finding that the fraud allegations were TRUE, did nothing to remedy the issues, AND did nothing to prosecute the commission of illegal actions by elected officials in each County in New Jersey.




You heard right - the Court agreed that the law had been WILLFULLY VIOLATED by the County Clerks, the Attorney General's Office, and the Election Board, and did NOTHING.


Don't take my word for it - listen for yourself...




Because of this, no less than FIVE of the candidates on the ballot, in an unprecedented show of unity, filed their complaint directly with the United States Senate.


Why isn't this on the network news, or in the newspapers?  Because it shines the light of truth on both the Democratic and Republican Party Leadership in NJ as corrupt- and they're big dollar advertising buyers from the mainstream media.  That's right - they're high-value CUSTOMERS...and the media wouldn't dare cast them in a negative light.


Learn More as the case progresses.




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